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Weiler ref by BonChien
Weiler ref
Name: Weiler ('wy-lur' like in Rottweiler)
Gender: Cis male
Orientation: "pretty straight I guess?? ?"
Relationship: Has a live-in girlfriend Lena, they have been together for around four years though 
                    only have been living together for about 1.5-2 years
Age: 27ish (can be draw younger depending on the context)
Height: 6'4
Weight: ??? (varies)
       -Face: Somewhat long face, rounded jawline, big nose- has a  large bump in the bridge, big 
                  eyebrows, weird pointyish ears, freckles, tired but expressive eyes, some sort of beard
                  ranging anywhere from stubble to a real beard (never gets long though) but always has 
                  something on his chin at least, never clean shaven, hair often messy, usually mid-
                  length, never really gets long enough to reach the base of his neck (if it ever gets this 
                  long it just looks like a really-bad-overgrown-hair-mullet-thing, (((when he blushes/turns 
                  "red" it is actually a blue tint, not red, because he has [primary]blue blood)

       -Body: Pretty dang tall, mild slouchy neck/upper back, thick limbs due to fat and muscle (ratio 
                  of which to which varies depending on the point in time and other factors), torso a teeny 
                  bit too long, big feet, hairy legs and arms, shoulders are not super broad

                   Outwardly he seems like a pretty chill almost sleepy dude most of the time. He gets
                   excited kinda easily and will get a little too loud in those cases. When bad things 
                   happen he really internalizes everything to most everyone except for those very close 
                   to him, so he always seems like he handles things well. He is really mildly sarcastic-
                   the kind that is really easy to miss or just pass off as weird. Really agreeable, so if
                   something is asked of him and it isn't absolutely outrageous he'll probably just go along
                   with it. He is pretty hard to make angry, and his temper fuse is pretty long, but when 
                   he snaps he really loses it and can make rash decisions and even get violent on
                   (somewhat rare) occasions. The fact that he internalizes things really does not do
                   wonders for his depression as it all piles on pretty fast in the stressful adult world.
                   He copes by a variety of methods: sometimes he smokes, which is really the least
                   severe. When things get a little worse he'll drink a little, then a lot, and lastly is when
                   he'll have episodes of self harm which can range from few and far in between to 
                   solid weeks or months in a bad down. When he is really upset he tends to lose track
                   of his eating habits among other things which can mean ending up not eating at all 
                   or even more than he usually does.

History: (To be added later)

More random things.. 

- Has a high paying computer oriented job
   -Works long weird (often very late/early) hours and has become very dependent on caffeine
strong prescription sleep aids (Sometimes he'll be awake for well over 24 hours straight)
     -His sleep aids are so strong and set on so quick, he'll often pass out in odd spots/positions
       around the house and since Lena surely can't move him, its not odd for him to wake up 
       on the floor and or very very sore

-He actually has a three figure salary and has had it like that for a few years, but since he really has no
     big ambitions or passions the money just sits around, really only used by Lena when she wants 

-Actually really enjoys being outside, just rarely has the time for such things, and walks to work. 
   -When the opportunity arises he will take long hikes alone in the nearby woods

-His girlfriend Lena is an exceptional cook and spends a good bit of her days doing so, but
  due to an eating disorder, is rather terrified of eating most of the food she loves to make
    -His complying attitude and indifference have really gotten the better of him, because really 
      whatever she puts in front of him he'll eat, so he has gained quite a bit of weight since
      meeting her and especially after she had moved in since she cooks so much and eats so little
        -She often feels bad about this whenever it is mentioned or she notices
         -He only really cares or gets frustrated when his clothes become uncomfortable or when
           Lena is upset about it

-About half of his clothes are ill fitting (mostly too small, but some are a bit too big 
    -His work clothes are almost all a bit small since he hardly ever buys new ones

-His species (some funky one I made up ages ago) keep and gain muscle really readily and are 
  generally rather slim/very muscular, so even though he has definitely crossed the threshold 
  for keeping slim, his body still very readily keeps/creates muscle so he never really has to do too
  much. He lifts, and walks several miles to and from work (and on occasional hikes), so his arms,
  legs, and chest/shoulders are rather strong, he just has a rather weak core,
  but he really does not mind. 

-Is really fond of snakes and monitor lizards

-Is a god awful swimmer (doggy paddle for life) but loves to be in the water

-Is really nervous about making people sad/uncomfortable/mad/anything but happy and will
  beat himself up for it 

- Plays guitar quite well and has a cheap electric guitar but hardly uses it any more

- Does not really like corn or most [obvious] corn products

- Does not like food that takes a lot of fiddling with like shellfish, pomegranates, or shelled nuts

- Played a lot of sports in high school (football was the main one, with track and basketball 
   making their brief appearances as well)

- Probably a lot of other dumb random information to be added as I think to do so..

Clothes.. (just to give a general idea of what kinds of things he would wear)

      Work: A B

      Every day: A B C D E
      Kinda nice:


      Sleeping: ((He just wears boxers and either a T shirt or tank top))

ahahah i am having some big ol' issues with myself and so i think itd be best to cut way back on computer time like way back so I am leaving most everywhere, bUT!
I made a tumblr and am trying to keep under 50 people that i am following to keep it mellow, just to check in the morning and night. 

Ill post art if i ever make any, and photos and posts about my dogs im sure and maybe some stuff about horses or me being a big loser ahaha who knows///
Also please pleease dont take it personally if I have not folllowed you/dont follow back, I am literally four away from my following limit so ill  be super super picky ;;…………………………………………

Thanks! Hope you all have a great time doing whatever. 
Ahaha guys im sorry i have to leave DA and FA again aaha
i hate myself so bad right now i am addicted to the computer because i cant do jack shit i have no motivation
i have to ditch these fuckin' websites
drive myself off this damn machine 

aha big issues waatch out

ill save the refs for my owed are but hahoh boy i am such a fuckin loser watch me come crawling back in like 2 months and have it not done ahah oh good golly 

i am weak and still need a website so follow me at… which i may or may not update who even knows

ill leave within the next few days, staying for a little bit to check some notes i sent out'

bye dudes, i hope you all feel really really chipper for a lot of your times of the days (: (: (:

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